This topic focuses on the ways women negotiate their physical and emotional well-being both in their personal and family lives and in relation to the public institutions that make up our health care system. It seeks to learn about how women view, care for, and project their bodies and minds introspectively and in relation to the outside world.

Mary Aleksiewicz

Vice President of Nursing, Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital

"My father was very much against my becoming a nurse because his image of nursing at that time was bedpans...So he went down to Mass General with me for an interview with the Guidance Councilor. He came out of there thinking it was the best thing since sliced white bread. She was able to show him it wasn't just emptying bedpans. As a matter of fact he became on the biggest advocate of nursing after that."

Born in 1946 in Worcester, Mary Aleksiewicz grew up with a strong ethic of family care that ultimately led her to a career in nursing. Mary is currently the Vice President of Nursing at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital. In this interview, she focuses heavily on her experiences as a working mother. She emphasizes the importance of family in her life and talks at length about her concern for today’s generation of working mothers. Mary discusses the way that women’s roles in general—and the nursing profession more specifically—have

Vice President of Nursing, Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital
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Wed, 10/26/2005
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