Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
Katherine Abbott 11/10/2013 Executive Director Tower Hill Botanical Garden
PDF icon Gloria_Abramoff_WWOHP-A.pdf Gloria Abramoff 10/22/2007 Former Owner and Operator of Tatnuck Bookseller
PDF icon adkins_sasha.pdf Sasha Adkins 05/01/2017 Environmental and peace activist; visiting professor Holy Cross; GreenFaith fellow; Birth Doula
Claudia J. Aitken 10/24/2005 School psychologist;Created Peace Busters Mediation Program
Mercy Akpan 11/11/2005 Minister, born in Nigeria
PDF icon Aleksiewicz_Mary.pdf Mary Aleksiewicz 10/26/2005 Vice President of Nursing, Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital
Mary Anderson 02/21/2009 Assembly line worker at General Motors; Mother
PDF icon Anderson_Mary_Lou-wwohp_edit.pdf Mary Lou Anderson 03/23/2009 College Dean and Professor
PDF icon Arnold, Joan Transcript Edit.pdf Joan Arnold 10/09/2019 Lawyer; Member of WISE
PDF icon arvizu_erin_transcript_-_edit.pdf Erin Arvizu 03/25/2013 Owner of Wild Orchid Baby
PDF icon Aschkenase_Thea_wwohp.pdf Thea Aschkenase 02/20/2009 Auschwitz survivor, Worcester State College graduate, Commonwealth Corps volunteer
PDF icon assefa_martha.pdf Martha Assefa 04/27/2017 Manager, Worcester Food Policy Council
PDF icon Athy_Barbara.pdf Barbara Trayers Athy 04/23/2006 Director of Marketing and Communication, Abby’s House
PDF icon ayisi_erica.pdf Erica Ayisi 11/16/2014 Reporter, Worcester News Tonight
PDF icon Azanza_Mary_Anne_wwohp-edit.pdf Mary Ann Azanza 03/30/2009 Provincial Superior of the Assumption Sisters in the United States
PDF icon bailey_julie.pdf Julie Bailey 11/24/2014 Director, Lenfest Animal Health Center, Becker College
PDF icon Barry, Joan Transcript Edit.pdf Joan Barry 10/17/2019 Principal, St. Mary's School; Member of WISE
Kay Bassett 10/23/2007 Technical Manager; Chair, Red Cross; Wife of President of Clark University
PDF icon Baum, Ruea.pdf Ruea Baum 11/20/2016 Nurse, U.S. Army, WWII
PDF icon beaver_amanda_-_edit.pdf Amanda Beaver 11/16/2015 College of the Holy Cross Administrator
PDF icon Bennet_Rosamond.pdf Rosamond Riley Bennet 10/23/2006 Member, Unitarian Universalist Church on Main Street; Volunteer for Planned Parenthood
PDF icon Bernier, Amanda Collins Transcript.pdf Amanda Collins Bernier 10/09/2018 Editor, Baystate Parent
Sande Bishop 11/06/2006 Medical Historian;Columnist for "Worcester Medicine"
PDF icon Bizarro_Cynthia_wwohp.pdf Cynthia Bizzaro 11/11/2005 Born in Worcester, Music Teacher and Pianist
PDF icon Bloom, Elaine Transcript Edit.pdf Elaine Bloom 10/10/2019 Classics Teacher, Worcester Academy; Member of WISE
PDF icon bloom_edla.pdf Edla Bloom 11/11/2010 Executive Director of AIDS Project Worcester and other organizations
PDF icon bluemel_paulette.pdf Paulette Bluemel 11/11/2011 Special Education Teacher
PDF icon Bobay, Pam Transcript.pdf Pamela Bobay 10/04/2017 President, Worcester Women's History Project; Quinsigamond Valley Community Center
PDF icon bona_lee_-_edit.pdf Leanore Bona 10/18/2015 President, League of Women Voters Worcester; lawyer, community volunteer
PDF icon bonsu_melanie_-_edit.pdf Melanie Bonsu 11/06/2015 Girl Scouts Administrator
PDF icon boone_melinda_transcript_-_edit.pdf Melinda Boone 02/28/2013 Superintendent of Worcester Public Schools
Donna Bouchard 11/29/2006 Works at Paper and Oil Company
PDF icon bovill_angela_-_edit.pdf Angela Bovill 10/11/2013 President and CEO Lutheran Social Services of New England
PDF icon bradbury_erin.pdf Erin Bradbury 02/28/2014 Lawyer; Owns law firm; Community Volunteer
Jacqueline Brennan 11/20/2006 Physical and Occupational Therapist;College Professor
PDF icon Brophy, Geraldine Transcript.pdf Geraldine Brophy 10/16/2019 Social Worker; Psychotherapist, Director of Psychiatry; Member of WISE
PDF icon brunelle_mary.pdf Mary Brunelle 04/12/2011 College Librarian
PDF icon brunelle_aimee_edited.pdf Aimee Brunelle 03/13/2013 Emergency Psychiatric Clinician; member of the first class of women at Assumption College
PDF icon Buglione_Suzanne_wwohp.pdf Suzanne M. Buglione 10/26/2005 College Professor, Business Owner, Community Volunteer
PDF icon bumpus_vanessa_-_edit.pdf Vanessa Bumpus 11/13/2015 Exhibition Coordinator, Worcester Historical Museum
PDF icon Burdick_Anita_wwohp.pdf Anita Burdick 10/28/2005 Office Administrator, Business Owner, Mother of Three
PDF icon Burgess, Holly Transcript.pdf Holly Burgess 10/03/2019 Attorney; Member of WISE
PDF icon Bylinski, Josephine.pdf Josephine Bylinski 09/08/2016 Spacesuit Production Worker, David Clark; Clock Maker, General Electric
PDF icon calo_kathryn_-_edit.pdf Kathryn Calo 10/26/2015 Partner, Bowditch and Dewey Attorneys
PDF icon carmona_monica_salazar_transcript_-_edit-_clemente.pdf Monica Salazar Carmona 05/23/2017 Born in Colombia; YWCA Director of Health Equality & Community Health
PDF icon carter_shirley_transcript_rev_edit.pdf Shirley Carter 09/21/2017 First African American to graduate from the Worcester City Hospital School of Nursing
Nancy Caruso 10/18/2006 Worcester Public School Teacher
PDF icon castiel_matilde_eng_rev.pdf Matilde Castiel 03/23/2011 English Translation -- Physician, UMass Medical School; Director, Héctor Reyes House; Born in Cuba
PDF icon castielmatilde_spa_rev.pdf Matilde Castiel 03/23/2011 Spanish Interview -- Médica, UMass Hospital and Medical School; Dirige la Casa de Héctor Reyes;Lugar de origen: Cuba
PDF icon caswell_laura.pdf Laura Caswell 05/02/2011 Computer Programmer