Aimee Brunelle

Emergency Psychiatric Clinician; member of the first class of women at Assumption College

The fun challenges of being the first women in class ... where there had only been men -- it was fun to go in and earn an A from professors who never -- who rarely gave A’s, who doubted that the women could do it.


Aimee L. Jacques Brunelle was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 1951. She is a believer in love and is a hard working woman. Aimee married her husband, Roger Brunelle, in the chapel at Assumption College and is happily married with two daughters and no regrets. Aimee Brunelle is a part of three communities the French-Canadian, academic, and Catholic. Aimee attended Assumption College, furthering her French-Canadian culture, and was part of the first women’s class. She was the main class of student that Assumption College had aimed for when it was founded. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, in hopes of following in her father’s footsteps. This was not her original plan and, years later, she came back to Assumption gaining her Master’s Degree in Psychology. Aimee now works as an emergency psychiatric clinician at Harrington Hospital. She believes that human relationships are the center of human life. She lives a very privileged life and wishes to help others. Aimee has never felt excluded and furthers her academic involvement by volunteering at her local library in the Friends of the Library Organization. Aimee is a devout Catholic and wishes to maintain active in her faith.

Interview Date: 
March 13, 2013
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