Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon HoweCarolyn_wwohp_edit.pdf Carolyn Howe 10/20/2008 College Professor, Founding member of Worcester Women’s Oral History Project, Co-author of “Yours for Humanity – Abby.”
Laura Howie 10/19/2007 Assistant Buyer, Filene's; Home Economics Teacher
PDF icon hylton_bridgette_transcript_-edit.pdf Bridgette Hylton 10/04/2016 Assistant Director of the Counseling and Assessment Clinic of Worcester; Deputy Political Director of the Gov. Deval Patrick Committee in 2010
PDF icon Ingrassia_Barbara_wwohp.pdf Barbara Combes Ingrassia 11/13/2009 Librarian and Educator, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Holly Izard 11/22/2006 Curator and Historian, Worcester Historical Museum
PDF icon jain_purnima_edit.pdf Purnima Vepa Jain 11/04/2015 Director of Finance and Business Support at Reliant Medical Group
PDF icon jenkins_isabelle_transcript_-_edit.pdf Isabelle Jenkins 02/17/2017 Associate Director of Community Based Learning, College of the Holy Cross
PDF icon Jenkins_Ann_M.pdf Ann M. Jenkins 10/05/2006 Owner, Annie’s Clark Brunch, Main Street
PDF icon Jenkins, Brenda Transcript.pdf Brenda Jenkins 07/30/2018 Health & Wellness Coordinator,YMCA; Co-founder, Mosaic Cultural Complex
Judith Jepson 11/27/2006 Church Musician
PDF icon johnson_carrie_interview.pdf Carrie Johnson 03/25/2011 Business Owner, Author, Professor
PDF icon johnson_nancy_transcript_-edit.pdf Nancy Johnson 09/27/2016 Professor of Education, Worcester State University
Alexandria Johnson 11/12/2006 Retail Manager
PDF icon Johnson Maryann Transcript Edit.pdf Maryann Johnson 10/19/2017 Chief Development Officer, Oakhill Community Development Corp
PDF icon Jones, Parlee Transcript.pdf Parlee Jones 07/16/2018 Shelter Advocate, Abby's House
PDF icon jones_patricia_-_edit.pdf Patricia Jones 10/17/2013 Owner, P.L. Jones & Associates P.C.
PDF icon jones-johnson_michelle_-_edit.pdf Michelle Jones-Johnson 11/03/2013 Director Human Resources UMass Medical School
PDF icon Kane_Bridget.pdf Bridget McKay Kane 03/21/2006 Student, Clark University
PDF icon kasper_susan_-edit.pdf Susan Kasper 10/01/2013 Nurse; Donut Shop Owner
PDF icon Keefe-Layden, Bonita.pdf Bonita Keefe-Layden 06/08/2017 Veteran, Ret Colonel, U.S. Army Reserves; CEO Rehabilitative Resources, Inc.
PDF icon keeley_louise_carroll_wwohp_edit.pdf Louise Carroll Keeley 11/05/2008 Assumption College Philosophy Professor, Mother of four
Lee Kelly 10/21/2005 Elementary School Teacher; Manager of a Non-Profit
PDF icon kelly_sarah_edit_wwohp.pdf Sarah Kelly 02/28/2012 Owner, Worcester Academy of Music
PDF icon kennedy_robyn_-_edit.pdf Robin Kennedy 10/22/2013 State house emplyee and political activist
PDF icon king_renee.pdf Renee King 11/16/2014 Owner, The Queen's Cups
Ann E. Klump 10/12/2006 Retired Telephone Company Worker;Elder College Student
PDF icon Koci, Oriola - edit.pdf Oriola Koci 03/15/2019 Owner of Livia's Dish and Altea Eatery restaurants; Albanian
PDF icon kohin_barbaratranscript_-_edit.pdf Barbara Kohin 03/20/2013 Physicist, Professor, Worcester Councilwoman
PDF icon koshi_mimoza_-_edit.pdf Mimoza Koshi 11/05/2013 Bank branch manager; security officer;Albanian immmigrant
PDF icon kosiorek_kellee_transcript_-edit.pdf Kellee Kosiorek 02/24/2017 Program Coordinator, Seven Hills Global Outreach & the International Center of Worcester
PDF icon kruse_anne_wwohp_edited.pdf Anne Kruse 03/14/2012 Convention Sales Manager, DCU Center of Worcester
PDF icon Laipson_Hannah_wwohp.pdf Hannah Laipson 11/14/2008 College Professor, President of the Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE)
PDF icon Lambergs, Germaine Transcript.pdf Germaine Lambergs 10/09/2019 Registered Nurse; Lactation Specialists; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon landry_betsy.pdf Betsy Landry 10/31/2014 Director of Human Resources, Mirick O'Connell
PDF icon Lantz, Jozefina.pdf Jozefina Lantz 03/23/2023 Assists refugees and asylum seekers thru work with Lutheran Social Services, Friendly House, Clark University
PDF icon Lard_Jamie_wwohp.pdf Jamie Lard 02/13/2009 Spokesperson for Perkins School for the Blind
PDF icon Laska-Nixon_Diane_wwohp.pdf Diane Laska-Nixon 10/28/2008 College Alumni Director, Director of Men’s Pro Golf Tournaments
PDF icon lavallee_caroline_-_edit.pdf Caroline Lavalleee 11/08/2013 Retired postal worker; mother of four
PDF icon Leb. Silvia edit.pdf Silvia Leb 03/27/2019 Lawyer, Immigrant from Romania
Jill Green Lebow 03/15/2019 Senior VP and Chief Human Resources Officer, Fallon Health; Lawyer
PDF icon LeClair, Keri.pdf Keri LeClair 03/31/2023 Owner, Anchors Away Boat Detailing
PDF icon Leone, Irma.pdf Irma Leone 03/13/2019 Retired Raytheon Quality Control Inspector; Born in Italy
PDF icon Levine_Madeline_wwohp_Edit.pdf Madeline Levine 11/15/2006 Social Worker, Founding Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education (WISE)
PDF icon Levine_Frances_wwohp.edi.pdf Frances Gertrude Levine 04/04/2007 Mother, Grandmother, Secretary, 103 years old
PDF icon Lewandowski_Sue_wwohp.pdf Suzanne Lewandowski 11/10/2009 Eating Disorders Advocate; Massachusetts Unsung Heroine Award 2009
PDF icon LiYing_wwohp_Edit.pdf Ying Li 04/17/2007 Teacher, Graduate of Gallaudet University
PDF icon LisiAnn_T_wwohp_Edit.pdf Ann T. Lisi 11/01/2005 Executive Director of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
PDF icon lopez-hill_olga_spa_rev.pdf Olga López-Hill 04/06/2011 Spanish Interview - Coordinator of General Operations for the Resource and Referral Center of the Worcester Community Action Council; Lugar de origen: Puerto Rico
PDF icon lopez-hill_olga_eng_rev.pdf Olga López-Hill 04/06/2011 English Translation - Family Counselor, Worcester Community Action Council; Born in Puerto Rico
PDF icon lordstacy_transcript_edit.pdf Stacy Lord 09/29/2017 Art Teacher; stART on the Street Volunteer; Owner of the largest LEGO collection