Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon Shanley, Suzanne Belote.pdf Suzanne Belote Shanley 03/27/2017 Co-founder of Agape Community; Educator;Activist
PDF icon Shapiro_Sadie_edit_wwohp.pdf Sadie Shapiro 11/13/2008 Office Supervisor at Paul Revere Insurance Company, Mother of Three
PDF icon Shea, Rachael edit.pdf Rachael Shea 04/14/2019 Librarian; Sacred Fire Keeper
PDF icon Shea, Ann Marie Transcript edited April 2020.pdf Ann Marie Shea 02/20/2018 Professor Emerita, Worcester State University; Actress
PDF icon Shivick.Jane_WWOHP.pdf Jane Shivick 02/28/2008 Opera singer; Professional voice teacher; College choir director
PDF icon Shulman, Carol Transcript.pdf Carol Shulman 10/17/2018 Registered Nurse
Amanda Shusta 04/25/2005 College Student; Restaurant Worker
Kathy Siggins 10/09/2006 Occupational Therapist
PDF icon Silva, Asima Transcript.pdf Asima Silva 10/11/2018 Software Engineer; Co-founder, Enjoin Good; Radio Host, Perspectives
PDF icon silveri_audrey.pdf Audrey Silveri 11/22/2010 Retired Director of the Nursing Program at Anna Maria College
PDF icon Sinkis_Deborah_wwohp_edit.pdf Deborah Sinkis 03/16/2007 Worcester Public School Teacher and Principal
PDF icon SkehanCarol_wwohp.pdf Carol Skehan 11/13/2008 Venerini nun, Teacher, Photographer, Motorcycle enthusiast
PDF icon smalley_faye_transcript_-_edit.pdf Faye Smalley 10/02/2016 99 years old; Owned neighborhood grocery store
PDF icon Ellen_Smith_WWOHP.pdf Ellen Arlene Smith 10/26/2006 Secretary at Ft. Devens in WWII, Worcester Art Museum docent, Music Guild Board Member
PDF icon Smith_Anne_Marie.pdf Anne-Marie Smith 02/09/2009 Teacher of the Deaf at The Learning Center
PDF icon Solska, Hanna Transcript.pdf Hanna Solska 10/22/2018 Professor in Poland; former Executive Director, International Center of Worcester; Manager of Patient Relations, Saint Vincent Hospital, MetroWest Medical Center
PDF icon st_john_linda_-_edit.pdf Linda St.John 11/13/2013 Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Fallon Community Health Plan
PDF icon stanovich_jennifer.pdf Jennifer Stanovich 11/17/2010 Executive Director of Holden Area Chamber of Commerce
PDF icon starbard_ann_edit.pdf Ann Starbard 11/13/2015 Goat Cheese Farmer, Crystal Brook Farm
PDF icon StewartOna_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Ona Stewart 02/19/2008 Craft Store Worker
PDF icon Straehle, Birgit Transcript edit.pdf Birgit Straehle 10/06/2017 Art Conservator, Worcester Art Museum; Owner, Sprinkler Factory
Susan Strandberg 11/11/2010 Program Manager, Notre Dame du Lac Educational Bridge Center
PDF icon Virginia_Swain_WWOHP.pdf Virginia Swain 10/28/2007 Peace Corps volunteer, teacher, UN worker, activist
PDF icon Swan, Jennifer Transcript.pdf Jennifer Swan 10/12/2018 Artist; Teacher; Technocopia Consultant
PDF icon sweeney_susan_edit.pdf Susan Sweeney 11/12/2015 Professor, College of the Holy Cross; Former President Worcester County Poetry Association
PDF icon Szarkowski_Amy_wwohp.pdf Amy Szarkowski 04/08/2008 Psychologist working with deaf children
Elaine Tateronis 10/23/2006 College Professor
PDF icon tatum_polly_-_edit.pdf Polly Tatum 11/25/2013 Lawyer; third woman and first person of color to serve as President of Worcester County Bar Association
PDF icon Taylor_Stephanie_WWOHP.pdf Stephanie Taylor 10/20/2009 Counselor, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Carla Thomson 11/01/2005 Worcester volunteer
PDF icon tigan_laurie_edit_wwohp.pdf Laurie Tigan 03/13/2012 Director of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Worcester; Teacher
PDF icon Timko-Hochkeppel_Kendra_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Kendra Timko-Hochkeppel 01/29/2008 Business Owner, Former Director of Independent Living Services at Deaf, Inc.
PDF icon timm_rosa_lee_wwohp.pdf Rosa Lee Timm 02/13/2010 Deaf actress
PDF icon tolomeo_jeanne.pdf Jeanne Tolomeo 11/29/2010 Geriatric Care Manager
Nellie Toney 10/21/2012 Program Coordinator of the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Program in the UMASS Medical School; Nipmuc Tribe
Patricia Toney 10/06/2017 Professor and Dean, Quinsigamond Community College
PDF icon TruePatricia_wwohp.edit.pdf Patricia True 10/16/2006 Mother, volunteer, worked in hospitals, funeral homes, banks
PDF icon truesdell_josephine_transcript_-_edit.pdf Josephine Truesdell 09/24/2016 Teacher at Bancroft School; Volunteer at Children's Friend
PDF icon tsandikos_transcript_-edit.pdf Kathryn Tsandikos 04/18/2013 Co-owner, Coney Island Hot Dogs
Karen Turner 04/18/2013 Professor at College of the Holy Cross
PDF icon Vayo_Samantha_wwohp_edit.pdf Samantha Vayo 04/09/2008 Student, Model, Special Olympics Athlete
PDF icon vazquez_dolly__eng_rev.pdf Dolly Vazquez 03/18/2011 English Translation - Cultural Events Organizer, Centro Las Américas; Born in Puerto Rico
PDF icon vazquez_dolly_spa_rev.pdf Dolly Vazquez 03/18/2011 Spanish Interview - Cultural Events Organizer, Centro Las Américas; Lugar de origen: Puerto Rico
PDF icon velez_ivy_2011.pdf Ivy Velez 03/01/2011 Intensive Care Coordinator working with deaf
PDF icon verderese_patricia_edited.pdf Patricia Verderese 03/26/2013 Teacher;Religious Education Director; Member of the First Class of Women at Assumption College
PDF icon Viles_Sharon_Smith_wwohp.pdf Sharon Smith Viles 10/24/2008 Nurse, mother of five, painter, volunteer at Abby’s House and Worcester Women’s History Project
PDF icon Walker_Elizabeth_wwohp.pdf Elizabeth Walker 11/13/2008 College Public Affairs Director, Teacher
PDF icon Wallace_Janet_wwohp.pdf Janet Wallace 02/13/2009 Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Interpreter Services
PDF icon Walsh, Meredith.pdf Meredith Walsh 05/31/2017 Co-founder Worcester Refugee Assistance Project; Peace Corps Vounteer
PDF icon watermann_victoria.pdf Victoria Waterman 10/22/2014 CEO, Girls Inc.