Sadie Shapiro

Office Supervisor at Paul Revere Insurance Company, Mother of Three
I was glad to stay home and do what I did, raise my kids, the first two were only a year apart. Then a few years later, I had another one. I was content. I wish I was doing it now.

Sadie Shapiro is a resident of the Jewish Healthcare Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Sadie was born in Worcester on the East Side in 1922. She lived in a predominately Jewish neighborhood where everyone was “close and friendly.” Sadie attended Commerce High School. After graduating, she had a job for a couple of months that a friend helped her get. Then, at 19 she got married and moved to New York with her husband Jerome for two years. They moved back to Worcester during the war because Jerome was unable to get a job as an automobile salesman. Together they had three children, two boys and a girl. Sadie spent most of her life raising her children, while Jerome worked at Fitz Henry Cadillac as a manager. When her children were older, Sadie returned to work. She was employed for 20 years at Paul Revere Insurance Company. She was as an office supervisor, with responsibilities for seven female employees. Sadie spent most of her life raising her children. The only part of her life that she regrets is living in a nursing home during her old age.

Interview Date: 
November 13, 2008