Susan Scully-Hill

College Professor of Human Services and Social Rehabilitation Studies

That’s the really, really, really hard part and I think that as women go, it’s so much harder for us. And I’m not like going to beat on men or be negative at all about a man’s role in life, but it’s very challenging to find balance, if not impossible to find balance, and I, as a woman, continually feel that I’m not doing enough or I’m not good enough or I feel guilt if I shortchange one area in my life or one person in my life. And sometimes it does get upsetting and frustrating when sometimes it feels like, as a woman you feel like you have to do so much more to be viewed as equal or as competent as maybe a male counterpart.

Susan Scully-Hill was born on October 20, 1963 in South Amboy, New Jersey. Having graduated from Michigan State University with her PhD and having worked as a professor at Emporia State University, she came to Worcester in 1998 in pursuit of a teaching position. Throughout the interview, Susan expresses her dedication to her work, her family, the Worcester community, and her efforts to balance each responsibility. She expresses feeling a heavy burden, as a working mom, to meet everyone’s expectations. Department Chair of the Human Services and Social Rehabilitation Studies program, she enjoys her career as an educator, and feels fortunate to form relationships with her students, whom she finds interesting and stimulating. She is grateful that she continues to learn and be challenged in her career, and feels that her students influence her as tremendously as she influences them. A wife and the mother of two, she believes that a woman’s role in her family is irreplaceable and what is truly worthwhile. Dr. Scully-Hill and her family are actively involved in the community, supporting various causes and participating in fundraising activities. She has served on the board of the Elm Park Early Childhood Education Center and her son enjoys regularly volunteering at a nursing home. She values the diversity in Worcester and the opportunity this city provides, but touches upon the improvements she would like to see.
Interview Date: 
March 25, 2009
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