Jacqueline Scafidi

Senior Computer Consultant
Everybody’s got regrets. You know, again not going to school, there’s a few career choices that I wished I had made and a few personal choices I wish I had made, but when push comes to shove, it makes me what I am so how can you regret it?

Jacqueline Scafidi was born in Waltham, Massachusetts on March 27, 1959. As a 1977 Waltham high school graduate, Jacqueline attended Boston College for three years. Because she was unsure of what she wanted to do, she dropped out and decided to travel to California with a friend to try and find herself at the age of 24. When she returned she went to the Center for Computer Education in Newton, Massachusetts and got certified in programming. From there she got a job freelancing as a consultant doing junior programming, and was later offered a job in 1986 with FM Global, the company she is still with today. Jacqueline started as a policy writer trainee and is now a senior consultant. Going in with absolutely no qualifications for the job and no college degree, Jacqueline slowly made her way up the ladder in the company getting much training and experience over the years. Now a Worcester, Massachusetts resident, Jacqueline enjoys spending her time with family and friends, working, and traveling. Although she has experienced some tough times in her life, Jacqueline lives life as an optimist and emphasizes the positives of every situation. ______________________________________________________________________________

Interview Date: 
November 10, 2009
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