Zelda Schwartz

Psychotherapist; Retired Director of Family Therapy at Jewish Family Services

there was an intellectual challenge always to being able to deal with large families and put the pieces together to see what would be the intervention that would help them begin to think of things in a new way. In other words, therapy is a way to help people find a new road map, so that they walk out of the office feeling a little bit differently about their issues. So I like the noise, and I like the challenge, and I love being with all sorts of different people, and I liked hearing their voices and trying to rearrange the voices so that they could hear each other. And most of the time when people come in to therapy …  not listening to each other, not knowing how to understand one another …  that becomes a challenge to find a way to make everybody’s voice count.


Zelda Schwartz was born in 1939 and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She is a psychotherapist and retired Director of Family Therapy at the Jewish Family Services. Zelda is very strong-willed and has devoted her entire life to helping people.  Her determined behavior led her to both pursue and achieve her career goal of being a therapist.  Her father was not as accepting of her life choices because he believed that a man would not want to marry her if she continued on the path that she was on.  Zelda began organizations in Worcester to assist children of broken families as an example of her overarching kindness within her profession.  She is also very politically active, and is concerned with those less fortunate than her. 

Interview Date: 
November 9, 2010
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