Dorian Ross

Intergenerational Urban Institute, Worcester State College

"At another point a dean found out that I had been working as a cashier at a supper club.  I had a part time job, and when he found out he made me quit.  Boys could work there, but not girls.  Not at a supper club.  He could take his wife there for dinner, but he made me quit."


Dorian Ross was born in 1927. Her family came from Bermuda and she grew up in New York City and then upstate New York on a farm. She talks about being poor, dark in a light-skinned family and about encountering racial and gender discrimination. She went to Howard University and studied math and physics. While working at GE she observed confrontations between union sympathizers and other workers. Dorian is enthusiastic about her involvement with Worcester State College’s Intergenerational Urban Institute and the Massachusetts Senior Action Council.   

Interview Date: 
October 23, 2007
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