Catherine Samko

Clinician and Administrator, state psychiatric hospitals for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

I think success is being happy in your life and having a purpose to your life. Having good family relationships, that’s probably what I think success is. When I was younger, I probably thought it was more about career, money…I probably have not always made the best choices, but I think that anything that I have done has made me into who I am today.

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Catherine Lacouture Samko was born in 1952 in Framingham, Massachusetts.  She grew up in Marlborough surrounded by family and then eventually made her home in Worcester, never moving outside of her home state.  She graduated from Stonehill College in 1974 and received her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Guidance at Assumption College in 1976.  She began work as a clinician at Westborough State Hospital right out of school. Her mother had also worked at Westborough State Hospital. Cathy then spent the rest of her career in administration in several state psychiatric hospitals for the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. Cathy was married to her late husband, Phil, for 38 years. He was an office manager for a moving company, and later a food distributor. They raised their daughter, Bernadette, together. Cathy told us in our interview that she, and her beyond- supportive husband, split not only the housework, but also the work of raising a child.  Cathy is an active member of the WISE [Worcester Institute for Senior Education] program of Assumption University and the Worcester Art Museum.  She enjoys reading, traveling and going to all kinds of museums.  Cathy wants other generations of women to know that to live your best life, you should never live with regrets. You should find a job that you love, find hobbies that you love, and surround yourself with good friends and family.

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October 9, 2019
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