Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon Dewey, Jane Transcript.pdf Jane Dewey 10/22/2018 Researcher volunteer, American Antiquarian Society; boston Marathon runner
PDF icon Dik_Carolyn_wwohp_edit.pdf Carolyn Dik 10/23/2007 Former President of League of Women Voters; Member of U.S. Judicial Nominating Committee under President Jimmy Carter
PDF icon dinardo_geri.pdf Geri DiNardo 04/03/2017 Worcester activist;co-founder, The Mustard Seed; Catholic Worker house; author
Carol Donnelly 11/19/2006 College Professor
Patricia Donovan 04/04/2006 1960s Activist
Charlyne Dore 11/07/2006 Customer Service Representative
PDF icon dottolo_andrea.pdf Andrea Dottolo 02/24/2009 College Professor
PDF icon Doyle_Maureen_Ryan_edit_wwohp.pdf Maureen Ryan Doyle 11/19/2008 Freelance Writer, Property Manager, Member of the First Class of Women at Assumption College
PDF icon dube_nancy_edit.pdf Nancy Dube 03/21/2012 Human Resources Consultant
PDF icon Ducharme_Elaine.pdf Elaine Ducharme 03/27/2007 Director, Deaf Blind Contact Center
PDF icon Dudek_Annette_wwohp.pdf Annette Dudek 02/23/2009 Graduate Student, Social Worker
PDF icon Dudek_Bozena.pdf Bozena Dudek 11/10/2005 Polish immigrant; Lived in Worcester for thirty years
PDF icon Duffy, Karen - edit.pdf Karen Duffy 04/02/2019 CEO, Worcester Credit Union
PDF icon dunlap_ellen.pdf Ellen Dunlap 11/07/2014 President, American Antiquarian Society
Jane Dupont 11/10/2010 Owner of a Printing Company
Katie Dutch 10/16/2006 College Student
Evalyn Dyer 12/08/2008 Homemaker, Mother of Six; Raised in a Convent
PDF icon Ebbeson, Amy Revised.pdf Amy Ebbeson 09/22/2017 College Professor;Social Worker
PDF icon edmonds_regina_-edit.pdf Regina Edmonds 10/28/2012 Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at Assumption College
Guillermina Elissondo 04/13/2006 Argentine immigrant; Professor of Spanish, Worcester State College
Gail England 04/18/2006 Grew up in Worcester; Probation Department, Juvenile Court
PDF icon enloe_cynthia.pdf Cynthia Enloe 03/16/2017 Professor of Political Science, Clark University; feminist author; specializes in gender and militarism
PDF icon EppingerPatricia_wwohp_edit.pdf Patricia Eppinger 11/11/2008 College Teacher, Volunteer at United Way Women’s Initiative, Ecotarium, Hanover Theater renovation, mother of three
PDF icon escobarcourtney_ross_transcript_edit.pdf Courtney Ross Escobar 10/06/2017 Lawyer; Member Worcester County Commission on the Status of Women; 40 under 40 Awardee
PDF icon EstusPhyllis_wwohp-edit.pdf Phyllis Estus 10/22/2007 Political activist, church choir director, college administrator
Lauren Farina 10/03/2006 Program Coordinator, Dismas House
PDF icon farquharson_lorna.pdf Lorna Farquharson 02/19/2009 Born in Jamaica; Nursing Home Worker
PDF icon Fask_Judy_Freedman_wwohp_edit.pdf Judy Freedman Fask 12/04/2008 College Professor of Deaf Studies, College of the Holy Cross; Sign Language Interpreter, Mother of Five
Marie Felice 10/01/2019 Registered Nurse; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon felice_marianne_edited.pdf Marianne Felice 04/04/2013 Chair of Pediatrics, UMass Medical School
Rose Anne Ferrandino 11/30/2010 Manager of medical records; Community Volunteer
PDF icon ferrara_judith_transcript_rev_edit.pdf Judith Ferrara 09/26/2017 Professor, Fitchburg State; instructor, Worcester Institute for Senior Education; Author
PDF icon fine_jane_wwohp.pdf Jane Fine 11/15/2010 Real estate Business Owner
PDF icon FlynnAnn_wwohp__Edit.pdf Ann Louise Flynn 03/21/2006 College administrator, Assistant Vice President of United Way. Community Volunteer
PDF icon foley_beth_-_edit.pdf Beth Foley 10/24/2013 Marriage and Family Therapist
PDF icon Forbes Joan Transcript Edited.pdf Joan Forbes 10/01/2019 Technical Writer, Musician, Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education
PDF icon fortelinda.pdf Linda Forte 10/27/2010 Teacher; First Generation Finnish-American
PDF icon Freed. Jennifer edit.pdf Jennifer Freed 03/09/2023 Writer, Writing and ESL Teacher
PDF icon Freedman_Rebecca_wwohp_pdf.edit.pdf Rebecca Freedman 01/18/2007 Mother Grandmother, Army Nurse
PDF icon Froehlig, Edith Morgan Transcript.pdf Edith Morgan Froehlig 10/04/2018 Teacher, Worcester School Committee member, foster mother
PDF icon froio_edna_transcript_edit.pdf Edna Froio 07/18/2017 Born in Brazil; custodian UMass Medical School; studied at LVGW
PDF icon Frost, Julieane edit MM.pdf Julieane Frost 03/10/2022 Senior Marketing Manager, Worcester Art Museum
PDF icon Gaffney, Tina Transcript.pdf Tina Gaffney 05/22/2018 Actress, Activist, Educator
PDF icon Gallant, Phyllis INTERVIEW-Edited.pdf Phyllis Gallant 11/19/2016 Nurse, Veteran, Navy WAVE, Carried flag for American Legion post 75 years
PDF icon garabedian_kilbyanne.pdf Kilbyanne Garabedian 10/29/2010 Lawyer, R.N.
Aida Gautier 11/20/2005 Born in Puerto Rico; Plumbley Village Nursing Assistant/Outreach Social Worker
PDF icon gavron-ravenelle_deborah_transcript.pdf Deborah Gavron-Ravenelle 02/02/2016 Chief Compliance Officer, Reliant Medical Group
PDF icon gazin-schwartz_amy_-_edit.pdf Amy Gazin-Schwartz 11/13/2012 Professor of Anthropology at Assumption College
PDF icon Giampa, Diane Transcript Edited.pdf Diane Giampa 10/11/2017 Sr VP Human Resources & Marketing, Bay State Savings Bank; Chair, Girls Inc
PDF icon gibson_melissa_wwohp-edited.pdf Melissa Gibson 04/16/2012 Pet Store Owner;Barrel Racer and Rodeo