Annette Dudek

Graduate Student, Social Worker

Work is very important, because I feel like no matter what field people are in, you spend a lot of time at work, more so than with your family and friends. So I feel it’s very important to pick something you’re passionate about and that you enjoy, but I always think it’s important to have a balance and not have work kind of overtake everything. It can be difficult --  for me work is probably 75%, it’s a big chunk of what I’m doing -- but I think its important to find a balance.

Annette Dudek was born in Worcester, MA in 1981. She attended Catholic schools, graduated from St. Joseph’s College with a degree in Sociology, and is currently completing her master’s degree in Social Work at Boston College. In this interview, she discusses her Polish upbringing and the culture’s influence on her life as well as growing up in her neighborhood. She also talks about her love of working with the elderly and how she tries to balance her personal and professional life. Annette’s role model is her grandmother who came to the United States from Poland to start a new life and had to learn a new language and culture. Today, Annette helps the family care for her grandmother who suffers from dementia.
Interview Date: 
February 23, 2009
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