Judith Ferrara

Professor, Fitchburg State; instructor, Worcester Institute for Senior Education; Author

I’m not saying live in the moment, but I think I’m where I want to be now, and doing what I love, and I’m passionate about it. And how many people can say that? How many people are even passionate about something?

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Judith Ferrara was born on December 31, 1942 in Buffalo, New York and now lives in Worcester, Massachusetts. Judith was a professor at Fitchburg State, and she describes not being able to immerse herself into the Worcester community until she left full-time teaching in 1997. Judith is very interested in the arts and became a member of the Worcester Art Museum. Currently, Judith teaches in the WISE program [Worcester Institute for Senior Education] at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. In the last eight years, Judith has been working on one of her greatest accomplishments, a study of the Worcester-born poet Stanley Kunitz. Now she is working on a book about the life of his mother, Yetta Kunitz Dine. In the interview, Judith allows us to have a glimpse of what the life of a woman is like and her greatest challenges. Judith reflects on her challenges in this statement: “Well, I’ll tell you one thing I know, and that is, in the day, [there was] silence. You did not speak up, and when you did, you had the one right answer… Girls didn’t talk out.” In this interview, Judith also recalls her experiences and greatest accomplishments as a working woman.

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September 26, 2017
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