Marie Felice

Registered Nurse; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education

I feel successful that I did something important with my life, that I've helped people.  Through the years I’ve saved cards that people have sent—from patients—and I thought, “Wow, this made an impact on other people.” I feel successful that I was a good nurse, not perfect, but I do feel that God gave me the strength to do it and the motivation and even coming to the [WISE] classes now. People say, “What are you going there for?” I said, “Just to get smart.” 

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Born in 1948 in Clinton, Massachusetts, Marie Felice was the first born of a growing Italian family. She remained in Clinton until she went on to get her Licensed Practical Nurse certification from Quinsigamond Community College and her Registered Nurse degree from Anna Maria College and Worcester State University. Since then, Marie has worked as a nurse and case manager at local Catholic Worcester hospitals. In her interview, she details her life as a single mother focused on raising her son, helping patients, and always learning. She reflects on how she grew up in a sheltered, dysfunctional household that led her to be unprepared for the ever-evolving world. She details how a flawed life has led to her becoming more open-minded on the Me Too Movement and the abortion debate. She discusses how the world has made improvements with being more open to ideas and gender equality but has also had setbacks such as with dating. Moreover, she reflects on how being the eldest created a path of helping her relatives and even strangers. Marie defines her success on how she came from almost rock bottom and built the strength and motivation to do, as she says, “Something important with my life, I've helped people.”

Interview Date: 
October 1, 2019
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