Nancy Dube

Human Resources Consultant

[My work] has allowed me to grow more professionally—I’ve learned to be an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that I have to work very hard… I can’t depend on anyone else for money or for support.  Anything that I want to generate has to come from within, but it’s also allowed me to have more creativity and a lot more freedom.


Nancy Dube grew up in Framingham, MA and moved to Worcester, MA in 1971 when she went to Becker College. During her school years, she faced financial issues, but was able to overcome them. She married, divorced, and is now married to her current husband William Dube. Together they have had two children. After her divorce, religion played a huge role in her life and still does to this day, which allowed her to relay her faith to her children. After she got laid off, she decided to start her own business because she didn’t want to go into corporate America again. She works from home. She is part of many community committees and does a lot of volunteer and non-profit work for Greater Worcester.

Interview Date: 
March 21, 2012
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