Maureen Ryan Doyle

Freelance Writer, Property Manager, Member of the First Class of Women at Assumption College

What I found is that it is difficult to balance [both] businesses but also with family life. Because it is always a juggling act and it is for everybody. And there is no instruction manual on how to do it…and you know if you have a deadline and have two kids sick with the chicken pox, you have to find a way to balance the act. Not only balancing but keeping a happy home life and realizing this is life. And life's not a destination but a journey.


Maureen Ryan Doyle was born in Holden, Massachusetts in 1951 and attended Notre Dame Academy. She proceeded to be in the first class of women at Assumption College. Her sharp personality and desire to be successful led her to start her own businesses. She owns a freelance writing business and simultaneously manages property. Both of her careers have been very rewarding and she was determined to establish herself as a working- woman. Through her life she mentions how supportive her husband has been about her career paths. In the interview, Maureen touches on the importance of family, education, and career life. She has successfully learned to balance them and knows how to prioritize her life. She mentions that you need to learn to take life as it comes at you and be prepared to take on various situations. She also highlights her experience growing up and living in the Worcester area. She reflects on positive changes she has seen in the city and other improvements that could be made. She loves the Worcester area, choosing to raise her family in Holden, and is directly involved in various community projects.

Interview Date: 
November 19, 2008
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