Beth Foley

Marriage and Family Therapist

Well it’s really stressful and for me I had such a hard time having my children – I lost four before the two that I have – that once I had them, I wanted to stay home and take care of them. So I stayed home all day, and then went to work at night. But you always feel like you’re not doing the right thing. The working moms are giving you dirty looks for being home, the stay-at-home moms are giving you dirty looks for going to work and it’s because we have this false concept which is you can do everything perfectly.


Beth Foley was born in 1968 in Worcester MA, where she also attended Saint Peter Marian High School and Assumption College. After graduating from Assumption she went on to obtain her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Anna Maria College. After obtaining her master’s degree she went on to start her own private practice in Sterling MA, where she counseled children. She and her mother were the only mother-daughter private practice in Massachusetts. In this interview Beth explains the struggles she faces with being a divorced single mother while running her own business. She emphasizes the importance of hard work and a good education. She elaborates on this point further when she explains her education provided her with a safety net and enabled her success. In this interview Beth also touches upon the difficulty that single mothers face when it comes to equal pay and how in a modern world women now have to provide for families just as much as men do. She expresses some of the changes she has seen in regards to women in the work place but there is still more that needs to happen for women to be successful.

Interview Date: 
October 24, 2013
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