Jane Dupont

Owner of a Printing Company

Jane Dupont discusses her life growing up in Worcester with several siblings and her free-thinking parents who inspired her to love the arts and creative hobbies as well as the outdoors. Jane describes how living in the 1960s as a young woman shaped her life as she was exposed to new ideas and new ways ofthinking particularly about homosexuals, African-Americans, women, and religion. As a member of the first class of women at Assumption College, Jane thrived by taking part in the college newspaper which later helped her and her husband to begin their own printing company. She discusses the difficulties of her current living situation in which she must work many hours at the company, take care of the home, cook meals, and care for her husband and elderly mother. Jane believes that her ability to livein the moment is most important in her life a it keeps her healthy and striong and able to face hardships. She believes in seeking the good in life and doing what you love to so as long as it makes you happy, and not stressing over the small things that won't matter in the long term.

Interview Date: 
November 10, 2010
Interview Focus: