Carolyn Dik

Former President of League of Women Voters; Member of U.S. Judicial Nominating Committee under President Jimmy Carter

Well in the mid-fifties -- I have two children, and they were born one in 55 and one in 58 -- and so I was wanting to get away from diapers and not talk about babies and I joined the League of Women Voters at the invitation of a couple of friends and that was a life changing experience for me, really. I went to a meeting first on foreign policy and you know I’d never been to a meeting on foreign policy, but I’d read stuff in the paper from Worcester at that time. So I joined them and by 1968 I was president of the Worcester League. We had 444 members which was a big organization and we had two meetings a month, it was a great big job, a full time job, more than I expected really.

Interview Date: 
October 23, 2007