Interview List

Following is a list of women who have been interviewed for the Worcester Women's Oral History Project. Many transcripts are accessible by clicking on the highlighted names. All transcripts are accessible in a repository at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University  

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Name Interview Date Note
PDF icon mangsen_katherine_edit_wwohp.pdf Katherine Mangsen 03/26/2012 Funeral Home Director
PDF icon Marchand, Melinda Transcript edit.pdf Melinda Marchand 10/22/2018 Professor of History, Clark University
PDF icon del_marmol_sr._francis_wwohp.pdf Sr. Francis del Marmol 11/19/2009 Nun, medical worker in Africa
PDF icon marois_pauline.pdf Pauline Marois 11/07/2014 Printer, Saltus Press and Worcester Telegram and Gazette
Rosemary Marshall 04/11/2008 Artist; Food Services
PDF icon Martin_Charlene__edit.pdf Charlene L. Martin 10/17/2008 College Dean;Founder of Worcester Institute for Senior Education; Co-chair of Worcester Women’s Oral History Project
PDF icon masiello_pat.pdf Pat Masiello 02/24/2011 Administrative Assistant, Assumption College
Violet Massad 03/16/2008 Retired Social Worker; Substitute Teacher
PDF icon massarelli_jo.pdf Jo Massarelli 03/01/2017 Director, SRV Implementation Project; Treasurer, Mustard Seed
PDF icon Maynard, Natalie Transcript.pdf Natalie Maynard 11/08/2018 Physical Education Teacher; Minister
PDF icon McBride_Nancy_WWOHP.pdf Nancy McBride 03/26/2008 Retired college public relation director; Teaches ESL; Volunteer at Heifer International and UMass Medical School
PDF icon McCarronAnn_WWOHP.pdf Ann McCarron 04/18/2008 Founder of Voices for Children, Bike Across America
PDF icon McEvoy-ZdonczykKate Transcript edit.pdf Kate McEvoy-Zdonczyk 11/06/2017 VP, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Central & Western Mass
Jayne A. McGinn 03/30/2006 Director of Financial Aid, Worcester State College
PDF icon McKenna_Mary_Jane_WWOHP.pdf Mary Jane McKenna 11/13/2006 Former Holden Selectwoman, State Representative, and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
Maureen B. McLaughlin 04/21/2006 Grew up in Main South, worked as a nurse
PDF icon mclaughlin_sharon_ann_edit_wwohp.pdf Sharon McLaughlin 03/16/2012 Owner, College Admissions Counseling Business
PDF icon mclaughlin_grace_edit.pdf Grace McLaughlin 10/17/2012 Mother, grandmother, former secretary, bookbinder
PDF icon mcnamara_katrina_transcript.pdf Katrina McNamara 03/16/2016 Housing Advocate, Abby's House; Immigrated from Ireland
PDF icon McNickles, Joyce.pdf Joyce McNickles 04/06/2017 Social Justice and Diversity Educatior; Owner, McNickles & Associates; Activist
PDF icon melley_kerri.pdf Kerri Aleksiewicz Melley 10/12/2012 Financial Planner, Dancer
PDF icon Mary_Melville_WWOHP.pdf Mary Melville 10/19/2006 Born in Cairo to an Italian mother and a British father, and spoke French at home
PDF icon mercierbarbara_transcript_-edit.pdf Barbara Mercier 10/25/2017 Retired Teacher; Community Volunteer
PDF icon Milewski, Carolyn Transcript edit.pdf Carolyn Milewski 10/11/2019 Accountant, Member of WISE
PDF icon milkowski_anne.pdf Anne Milkowski 02/08/2009 Special Education Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Cancer Survivor
Linda Antoun Miller 10/29/2007 Teacher, Worcester Art Museum Docent; Co-Chair WWHP Women 2000
PDF icon milukas_lila_transcript_-edit.pdf Lila Milukas 11/02/2016 Youth Employment Coordinator, Worcester Community Action Council ; Americorps Volunteer
PDF icon Miner, Kim edit MM.pdf Kim Miner 03/13/2022 Executive Vice President/General Counsel, Worcester Red Sox
PDF icon mires_ann_marie_transcript_-edit.pdf Ann Marie Mires 09/26/2016 First Forensic Anthropologist for Massachusetts; Director of the Molly Bish Center at Anna Maria College
Ashley Moffitt 04/27/2006 Nursing Student
Kelly Momberger 11/02/2005 Environmental Engineer; Community Volunteer
PDF icon More, Ellen Transcript edit.pdf Ellen More 10/19/2018 Professor Emeritus and Founder and Head of the Office of Medical History and Archives of the University of Massachusetts Medical School
PDF icon Morin_Diane_WWOHP.pdf Diane Morin 04/26/2006 A mother of three children and two step-children, she currently works at Big Y
PDF icon Morton, Barbara Transcript.pdf Barbara Morton 10/12/2018 Regional Director, State Department of Youth Services, Worcester County
PDF icon muckian_sara_swillo_transcript.pdf Sara Swillo Muckian 02/11/2016 Associate Director, Holy Cross Fund
PDF icon Mueller, Marie Transcript edited2.pdf Marie Mueller 03/16/2018 Library Director, Bigelow Free Library, Clinton, MA
PDF icon Murphy, Anne Marie.pdf Anne Marie Murphy 03/17/2023 Owner, Eastern Scripts; Author, City of Corsets
Barbara Murphy 10/20/2006 Grew up during Depression; Mother of 13; Telephone Operator
PDF icon Murphy, Charisse Edit.pdf Charisse Murphy 03/27/2019 Director, YOU,Inc.
April Murray 04/17/2006 Admissions and Marketing Director, Radius Healthcare Center
PDF icon Murrieta, Joy Rachelle Transcript edit.pdf Joy Rachelle Murrieta 09/22/2017 Musician; Music Teacher, Worcester Music Academy; Founder, Main Idea
PDF icon navarre_susan_transcript_-edit.pdf Susan Navarre 10/14/2016 Executive Director of the Fitchburg Historical Society
PDF icon Navickas, Ginger.pdf Ginger Navickas 04/20/2017 Former Director of Domestic Violence Services, YWCA; ArtWorcester Volunteer; Activist
PDF icon Nawrocki_Mary_Jo_wwohp1edit.pdf Mary Jo Nawrocki 04/15/2009 School District Superintendent
PDF icon neely_dolores.pdf Dolores Neely 11/19/2010 Teacher, Singer, Mary Kay consultant
PDF icon Nelson, Ann Transcript edit.pdf Ann "Cookie" Nelson 10/11/2019 Author; Designer; Co-founder, Worcester Children's Theater; Member of WISE
PDF icon NigroshGale-wwohp-Edit.pdf Gale Nigrosh 11/01/2006 College Professor and Coordinator of Higher EducationPartnerships for Worcester Public Schools
PDF icon Novia_Egle_WWOHP.pdf Egle Novia 11/13/2006 Born in Rome, Italy in 1930
PDF icon oconnell_alicia_edit.pdf Alicia O'Connell 11/07/2015 Lawyer, O'Connell and O'Connell
PDF icon oconnor_coralie_edit.pdf Coralie O'Connor 11/17/2015 Swimmer, 1952 Olympics; Physical Education Teacher