Olga López-Hill

English Translation - Family Counselor, Worcester Community Action Council; Born in Puerto Rico

I understand my ethnicity more. I know how I can help other people through what I’ve learned. I've tried to—I have tried for my children to understand our culture, from which they come, the Latino culture, and that they keep it.


Olga Lopez-Hill was born in Puerto Rico on April 24, 1955. Today, she works as a family counselor for the Worcester Community Action Council, a resource center for families.  Through the years, Olga has worked with children and youth in the Piedmont neighborhood of Worcester.  At Piedmont, she has organized various projects related to cultural activities, the construction of a basketball court, and the creation of a community garden.  Even though she is now married, Olga raised her two children as a single mother while continuing her education at Quinsigamond Community College and later at Worcester State College.  After serving for over 25 years as Coordinator of Admissions and Public Relations at Quinsigamond, Olga remains active in the community.  In this interview, Olga describes her experience growing up in New York City and Worcester.  She also shares her knowledge about education and work from the perspective of a Spanish-speaking woman in the United States, and specifically, in Worcester.