Kerri Aleksiewicz Melley

Financial Planner, Dancer

It is really hard being a full time working mom.  And it just gets to the point where you have to be okay not finishing everything.  I, you know, which is hard for me because I was the type of person that everything had to be organized and completed and done perfectly and this and that but you just don’t have the time anymore.  So you have to be able to sort of – and also with the work that I do, it is not a traditional nine to five job either.  I make my own hours; I meet clients sometimes on the weekends, and sometimes in the evening.  So it is a matter of your time and this is my family time, this is my work time, and being able to respect your own time, because everyone will take advantage of your time if you let them so it is a matter of just deciding what is important and taking the time for each of those priorities.


Kerri Aleksiewicz Melley was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1972 to Charles and Mary Aleksiewicz.  Kerri lived a lively childhood growing up in Tatnuck Square with a tight knit family.  As a child she danced at Charlotte Kleins and attended Christ the King Church.  Kerri attended the Bancroft school for four years of high school.  She then went on to study at Connecticut College.  After studying at Connecticut College she moved to Boston to pursue her love for dance and art.  While living in Boston she met her husband, Neal Melley.  They moved to Rochester, New York while Neal finished his graduate school and finally moved back to Worcester to settle down and focus on having a family.  In this interview Kerri discusses her life as a financial planner, being a working mother, and her passion for volunteer work.

Interview Date: 
October 12, 2012
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