Kim Miner

Executive Vice President/General Counsel, Worcester Red Sox

With the current ownership group when they bought the team in 2015, I think the team was exclusively white men on the staff across the board.  It has been what six or seven years since then? I think it has changed drastically. I actually think it’s changed a lot since we made the move to Worcester. We just have had better success finding a broader array of candidates. We have a lot of women, we have over time—and we are finally getting more racial diversity as well—diversity in other areas. It has been a priority. Brooke Cooper who your classmates talked to, is now the Senior Vice President and we now have two female VPs which is great. Since I came to the club, I was the only female VP until Brooke was made one. And I think it’s been good. You know there's always growing experiences and we have been trained well. I wanted to bring more women into the front office, it's a nice and fun environment with that. Not everyone is the same. Everyone has different backgrounds,everyone has different thoughts about baseball, how we should interact with the community and that makes it more interesting.

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Kim Miner was born in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She was raised in Concord, Massachusetts. Kim is the daughter of Kathy and Bob Miner of Pennsylvania and has one younger sister. After attending Tufts University for a bachelors in economics, she took a gap year to work a few different minimum wage jobs to discover more of who she is. Kim married Adam Aronson in June 2017 and they now live in Quincy, Massachusetts. They do not have any kids but adopted a dog and cat recently. Kim went to law school at Harvard Law School and became a lawyer. She started working for the Worcester Red Sox as the Executive Vice President/General Counsel in 2017 and prior to that she worked for the Pawtucket Red Sox and Boston Red Sox.

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March 13, 2022
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