Phyllis Estus

Political activist, church choir director, college administrator

"I think you can balance family if you plan it well, and I think that being involved, if it’s not a political organization, an organization that is a social service organization or whatever. I just feel that involvement gives one a different perspective and an appreciation for many things and it opens your avenues for knowledge. So I think that people -- women -- should be involved."


Phyllis Estus was born in Virginia and attended college at Virginia Tech. After marriage she moved with her husband to New York in 1956 and began a family. She moved to Worcester in 1966. In this interview she discusses growing up in the South, the Civil Rights Movement, and how today’s Iraq War compares to World War II and Vietnam. Phyllis also talks about her political involvement in the Worcester Pushkin Sister Project; her musical career; and her work at The Methodist Church, WPI, and Assumption College.

Interview Date: 
October 22, 2007