Mimoza Koshi

Bank branch manager; security officer;Albanian immmigrant

I could give advice to them that when the opportunity is there, they need to grab it and go for it. This is the country that the women have all the rights of this country that they can exercise all their – [long pause] all the freedom they exercise and everything so they'll be able to continue education, take care of family, and be someone in life.  I am proud of what I've done so far and always as I told you I meet a lot of people and a lot from different countries. And in Worcester we see a lot of newcomers who are immigrants from different countries and I’m always try to talk to those women, how they can become someone in this country. They have this opportunity. That's how I see it.


Mimoza Koshi was born in Tepelena, Albania in March of 1969. She came to America in June of 1999 along with her husband and two sons through a program called DV Visa. It is a program where a person is selected to come to the United States to work. After her arrival in Worcester, it took her a long time to adjust to the different culture and way of living. She spoke no English, but eventually learned through night school. Eventually, she enrolled in Assumption College and received her bachelor's degree for Business Administration in 2010. Today, she continues to work two jobs. Her first job is at Santander Bank as a branch manager where she recently was promoted. Her second job is as a security officer for Abbvie, a research-based pharmaceutical center also in Worcester, during the weekends. Because Mimoza Koshi is an immigrant, she speaks about the importance of taking opportunities that are available and open in America. She wants other "newcomers" or women immigrants to realize that having a family should not stop them from pursuing their dreams and getting an education. If she can achieve it while raising a family in America, than so can they. She often uses her banking job to express the importance of it to the immigrant clients that she meets. Throughout the interview, Mimoza demonstrates her appreciation for opportunities and women's rights and freedoms in America.

Interview Date: 
November 5, 2013
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