Tracy Baldelli

Major Gifts Officer, WPI

At the beginning [of the Covid 19 pandemic], because the weather was so nice, I really liked it because I used that to get outside and to move. We all had so much time on our hands that it was like, what do you do with all this time? And then of course, we all went through our slump. Overeating, doing your thing watching Netflix all the time, getting takeout. So, I would say it became a rough time. But again, I think from a professional perspective, it helped me realize what I want. I could not be a remote employee, I needed to work with a team, I needed a boss that really didn't have an ego, that was there for their employees.

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Tracy Baldelli was born in Boston, MA in 1993 and grew up with her family in Southborough, a neighboring town to Worcester. She then furthered her education at Assumption College now Assumption University. After Tracy graduated, she became an active member of the Worcester community. She's an active board member at the Boys and Girls Club and joined the Emerald Club. Tracy was first employed at United Way and then at Worcester Polytechnic Institute [WPI] and Providence College. In this interview, we learn about the challenges that Tracy faced and overcame throughout her life, the paths she has taken to become a successful individual, and she shares some great life lessons. Tracy also touches upon the impact and challenges she faces while working straight out of college and later through the COVID-19 pandemic. The Worcester Business Journal named her one of the Forty Under Forty in 2020 and one of the Power 50 in 2021.

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March 23, 2022
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