Andrea Sullivan

Development Director, Jewish Community Center

I think one of the biggest things to share with young women is that it’s okay to change, to not doubt yourself all the time…Trust your gut. I found I had all these other strengths that I never knew. So, I think it’s more about realizing I’m more diverse in my abilities than I thought I was…I think every experience that you work through, you gain important values.

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Andrea Sullivan was born in Framingham, Massachusetts, and grew up in Hopedale. From a young age, she helped in her family’s pizzeria, Arnold Pizza in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. She attended WPI [Worcester Polytechnic Institute] where she met her husband, Andy. She later worked for Genzyme [Genzyme Transgenics Corporation]. While working for  Genzyme, she pursued graduate studies at Worcester State University. She subsequently left the corporate world so she could spend more time raising her children and caring for her family. During this period, she became involved with the Jewish Community Center in Worcester, first for after-school activities for her son, and then in a volunteer capacity. Eventually she became the Special Programs Director. Andrea discusses the importance of family in her life and stresses the need for women to trust their instincts in decision-making, noting that the pursuit of satisfaction in life is an admirable goal. During this interview, Andrea talks about her family history, including the fact that both of her parents emigrated from Portugal. She stresses the importance of encouraging her children in their pursuits and being driven to be the best person she can be. Andrea lives in Worcester with her family and talks about her involvement and passion for the city.

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March 16, 2022
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