Ann "Cookie" Nelson

Author; Designer; Co-founder, Worcester Children's Theater; Member of WISE

 Anger is never, ever productive, ever.

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Ann “Cookie” Nelson was born in 1937 and grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Ann was married in 1959 and later had two children, and now has three grandchildren. Through this period of her life, she balanced family life with a career in writing. She wrote many travel  articles, was a food critic, and ultimately was the author two children’s books. As an active member in the Worcester W.I.S.E. community, she organizes fundraisers. At a young age, Ann developed a passion for the arts which eventually led her to act in two television commercials. In addition, she was involved on center-stage and behind the scenes for the set design of various theater productions at the College of the Holy Cross. She incorporated her love for design in a successful career as an interior designer for many homes. Her passions for design and stage production further allowed her to eventually co-found the Worcester Children’s Theater. Ann discusses her involvement in theater arts as a positive experience. She comments that, unlike women in other fields of endeavor, she never felt that she was treated differently because of her gender. As a woman who worked through the transition of the College of the Holy Cross from all- male college to  co-ed institution, she describes the experience as a natural one as it “always felt co-ed” with so many females already involved on campus.  She also believes that the importance of female involvement in the program contributed to the college becoming co-ed. Ann’s “why-not” personality led her to a variety of achievements and professions.

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October 11, 2019
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