Anne-Marie Smith

Teacher of the Deaf at The Learning Center
When I see a student developing and learning, and I see that they have goals and ambitions, academics, social, and their behavior- everything together is improving. That’s what I see as success. I don’t look at myself, I look at them and see their individual successes…they’re excited about school and they’re passionate about learning, that’s what I see as success.

Anne-Marie Smith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the age of 1 ½ years old, she was struck with spinal meningitis, ultimately causing her to become deaf. Anne-Marie Smith now resides in Worcester, Massachusetts and has worked at The Learning Center for fourteen years. She shares the struggles of growing up in a hearing, purely oral family and having to find herself on her own. She also discusses frustrations in her mainstreamed education until her enrollment at a high school residing on Gallaudet’s campus. Here she was introduced to a new language as well as various deaf role models. Anne-Marie Smith also reflects upon the shrinking Deaf community within Worcester as well as cochlear implantation influence both in Worcester and TLC.  

Interview Date: 
February 9, 2009