Ashley Carter

Farmers' Market program Coordinator, Regional Environmental Council

From a very young age, I had connections to outdoors and to growing plants and animals… I loved those things…That love for nature and farms, that started at a very early age. I had my first garden when I was really little. [My advice] is make your own space, be free to be a woman. Make sure to have fun and find love and enjoy your life…Be willing to ask for help, too…We should be helping one another, it’s not a sign of weakness.

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Ashley Carter was born in March, 1984. She lives with her two daughters and husband, Royland, who she met while abroad in Nicaragua. Ashley works for the REC [ Regional Environmental Council] as the Farmers’ Market Program Coordinator. She grew up in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with her parents and siblings. From a very young age, she had a love for plants, animals, and nature itself. Her life experiences, including being a mother, struggling with mental health issues, and being involved in the community have shaped her into the person she is today. In this interview, Ashley describes her responsibilities as a woman, a professional, and a caretaker.

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February 21, 2023
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