Barbara Guertin

Actress,prodeucer,director; recruiter Fallon Community Health Plan

When I helped produce a film a couple years ago I realized we don’t have any equipment or anything here. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had our own little studio. Well now it’s – my own little studio has grown into – we’re building up the roof on this, it’ll be the second largest film studio in the country. it’s a big film studio! It’s a pretty impressive space, I’ve tried to align myself with some folks, we’re trying to make this happen. We’ve already raised a significant amount, but we’re hoping to raise a good deal more and build it out the right way. And I – we do believe the films will come.


Barbara Guertin was born in 1960, in Bay Shore, New York. She has lived in a variety of states, such as New York, New Jersey, and Oregon, she even spent some time living abroad in London. Barbara has been living in Worcester since 1998 and is a recruiter at Fallon Community Health Plan. She contributes a great deal to the Worcester community, by serving on many different boards such as the Worcester Historical Museum and Girls, Inc. Although she has many obligations and responsibilities, she is willing to take time off to fulfill her passion as a professional actress, producer, and director. Barbara is very interested in merging her theater background with her involvement in the Worcester community. She is currently working on having a film studio in Worcester and when finished it will be the second largest in the country.  In her interview, Barbara emphasizes her belief in women’s potential to hold leadership positions in the workplace. She is a firm believer in applying one’s skills to benefit the community and help others, a philosophy instilled on her by her parents.

Interview Date: 
April 3, 2014
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