Carol Shulman

Registered Nurse

I loved mentoring new nurses. I loved telling them every trick of the trade, and everything they can forget about, and make them fast, and make them smart. Precepting was really something I really loved.

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Carol Anne Shay Shulman was born in1943 in Worcester, Massachusetts. She was raised in an Irish Catholic home with three siblings. Carol met her husband Joseph dancing the night away. They had three children together and although Joseph was Jewish, the kids were raised Catholic as Carol hoped. Together they created a loving home and today all of their children are successful with kids of their own. Unfortunately, Carol’s husband passed away at the age of fifty-nine and she became widowed. Carol is a very compassionate person, and she displayed her compassion throughout her work experience. In this interview Carol discusses how she felt limited as far as a career path. She believed she could only be a teacher, secretary, or a nurse. Carol became a registered nurse and spent the rest of her time being a mother. She touches on the memories of when she let her husband do the laundry and it came out pink. Carol was a mother who did it all: she took care of the children, while her husband worked; she worked herself; did housework; and still found time to go to sewing class on Monday nights with all of her children. Carol has a kind soul; she truly counts her blessings every day, and assures care for her loved ones and their well-being.

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October 17, 2018
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