Deborah Gavron-Ravenelle

Chief Compliance Officer, Reliant Medical Group

I guess I don’t want anyone else to feel as though they aren't worthy and that somebody has their back. So I want everyone—I want all the young girls that you get to work with to realize that they have a lot of value and that someone really cares about what they are doing.


Deborah Gavron-Ravenelle was born in New Jersey in 1965 and raised in that state. Right out of college she moved to Worcester, but then resided in various other locations. When she married Bob Ravenelle, she moved back to the city, joined by their two dogs. She attended St. Michael's College in Vermont and majored in both journalism and political science. Working hard academically, she was thoroughly involved in the school community. Wanting to further her education, she attended law school and eventually became a lawyer for an insurance company. She is currently Chief Compliance Officer at Reliant Medical Group.  Deborah balanced academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities, which paralleled with work and the community service organizations. In this interview, she explains her passion for assisting women and girls in the community, an important part of her life. Through multiple organizations, including the YWCA, the United Way Women’s Initiative, and Girls Inc., she has helped young girls and women gain confidence and self-esteem. She accomplishes this by aiding the organizations with the fundraising that is necessary for them to operate and recruiting volunteers. She has dedicated her time and involved herself to make a difference in the Worcester community.

Interview Date: 
February 2, 2016