Diane Giampa

Sr VP Human Resources & Marketing, Bay State Savings Bank; Chair, Girls Inc

Don’t be defined by your gender, and don’t think about what you can’t do, ask for what you want to do. Because you’ll be surprised, I think, at times, to find that if you just ask, you’ll get what you want. Just be yourself and ask for what you need and make sure that you get paid what you’re worth.

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Diane Giampa was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, MA in 1963. She was raised in Millbury, Massachusetts, where she still resides today. Diane received her Bachelor’s Degree in English from the College of the Holy Cross and her MBA from Anna Maria College. Diane and her husband have two sons, Cody and Jordan. After staying home for a year, Diane decided to return to work. She is now the Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing at Bay State Savings Bank. In this interview, Diane discusses her love and dedication to volunteer work. She credits her work ethic to her father, who owned a pharmacy that she worked at as a young girl. She shares the hardship of the loss of her mother, who passed away when Diane was 27. Diane is passionate about her career and emphasizes the importance of being bold and voicing your concerns. Her life reflects the ability of modern women in America to successfully balance career, community, and family in a strong and ambitious way.

Interview Date: 
October 11, 2017
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