Dolly Vazquez

English Translation - Cultural Events Organizer, Centro Las Américas; Born in Puerto Rico

Culture is my job. One can relate everything to culture. But not only Puerto Rican, but from other countries as well.


Dolly Vazquez was born in Puerto Rico and lived there for most of her life with her parents and two sisters. When her ex-husband received a job in San Francisco, Dolly and her daughter moved to the United States. Even though Dolly’s life is very different in the United States, she remains attached to her Puerto Rican heritage and culture. She organizes cultural events for Centro Las Américas, a non-profit organization in Worcester.  Three major events she organizes each year are: The Latin American Festival, the Latino Film Festival, and the exhibition Viva el Arte. On a normal day, she carries out many tasks related to culture: she plans various cultural events, looks for funding, contacts sponsors for the festival, reviews movies for the film festival, and contacts people. As she says, “Culture is my job.” Dolly discusses how she has become an independent woman and how satisfied she is with the decisions she has made in her life. Dolly is a good example of a strong woman.