Donna Crocker

Teacher; Member of Worcester Institute for Senior Education

Be yourself. Be strong. [laughs] Be ready and don’t be too hard on yourself. I think that women are coming to a point where they can feel stronger and express that. I would say also have a sense of humor; don’t expect to be perfect. Realize that most of the time life is good and do your best.

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Donna Garrison Crocker was born in San Antonio Texas in 1944.  She moved around quite a bit as a young girl growing up, as her father was in, what was referred to at the time, as Army Air Corps during World War II. She and her family ultimately settled down in Weymouth, MA where she would later meet her husband. Donna now lives in Uxbridge, MA with her husband and the two of them regularly attend WISE [Worcester Institute for Senior Education] classes at Assumption College in Worcester. In this interview, Donna discusses her involvement with the Episcopal Church where her husband has been a pastor for the entirety of their marriage. Donna moves on to explain her political involvement in the community. She explains in detail her time working on both [President Barack] Obama and [Senator] Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns. Moving on to her personal life, Donna gives a personal narrative of how she found her way into elementary education and how she and her husband decided to adopt two of their four children. Today Donna also struggles with having one of her daughters live out in LA while she is currently suffering from extreme health problems. Donna concludes the interview by expressing her extreme appreciation for the life she has.  She feels as though she has always been fairly well off and is thankful that she has been able to provide for her children and help others.

Interview Date: 
October 3, 2019
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