Jeanne Tolomeo

Geriatric Care Manager

I would say to women it’s never too late to go to college, never too late to think you can’t change a career, no matter what your age is, there’s always some network or something that you can find either by volunteering or by connecting to work in a job or in education to bring you to another level. I just think you can never ever think no matter how old you are that ... you’re stuck in a rut and you can’t do anything else. I think you can always find an avenue to go, and it might take you lots of different jobs and lots of different places, but it’s where you end up that’s really, really important. So, never give up.


Jeanne Tolomeo was born in 1948 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She attended West Springfield High School and after graduating moved on to become a restaurant manager. At the age of forty, she attended Assumption College as a member of the Continuing Education Program and earned her college degree, which allowed her to pursue a career as a geriatric care manager. Jeanne currently works at Fletcher, Tilton, and Whipple in Worcester, Massachusetts. In this interview, she briefly discusses her childhood experiences and goes into great detail regarding her community involvement and dedication to her work. In addition, she shows a strong commitment to her faith and expresses how it is an important aspect of her life. She addresses the fact that she is currently working on creating a balance in her life to make time for both her work and her family. Overall, Jeanne expresses how grateful she is to play a major role in each and every family she works with, while having the opportunity to help others in her daily life.

Interview Date: 
November 29, 2010
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