Josephine Truesdell

Teacher at Bancroft School; Volunteer at Children's Friend

So, there is no question that when they come back, I remember. You know, as a teacher and that’s a long memory, so that’s pretty good. But the connections, there’s no question about it. The connections that you make with the children, with their families. I feel as though it’s—again, that community, and I think the parents—I feel very strongly in working in a partnership with parents. It’s vital. Absolutely vital. And so, we’ve been fortunate enough, at Bancroft, that I think that that connection happened and can happen at any school. I’m glad that can happen there. But, I think that working in a partnership with parents, on behalf of their children, is probably what I think has really meant a lot. And the children, they are so unique and I always feel that there’s a child, with problems or misbehaving, or whatever, I used to say, “Okay, what am I doing? Why is that happening?” It’s not, “I’ve got to figure it out.” It’s not that the child has to figure it out, I have to figure it out how to get to that child. And so that’s that puzzle, that’s what keeps it always exciting I think, “What can I do?”  


Josephine Truesdell was born in 1954 in Worcester, Massachusetts and has lived in Worcester her entire life. She has lived a life of service as a teacher to young children, a grief counselor at Children’s Friend, and a volunteer/member of multiple boards within the city. In this interview, Josephine stresses the importance of family and discusses how Worcester has always been a place with influential women. She encourages future generations to build relationships, as “It’s all about connections and being open to them.” Furthermore, she mentions how she did not grow up in a household that made women feel inferior to men. She elaborates on how she became a kindergarten teacher at Bancroft School and underscores her love for what she does. Although she is challenged by her job, she welcomes the different children she encounters. Throughout the interview, Josephine reflects upon her upbringing, life, and plans for the future.

Interview Date: 
September 24, 2016