Judith Pare

Dean of Nursing, Becker College

Strength, strength. I think women are by far incredibly strong powerful forces. We don’t always do a very good job at communicating or displaying that strength, but I wouldn’t have an appreciation of that strength if I hadn’t had the journey that I had, so for that I will forever be grateful.


Judith Pare is the Dean of Nursing at Becker College. She not only has experience in teaching the art of nursing but has firsthand experience as a nurse, having worked extensively in both standard hospital settings and in Alzheimer’s clinics. Dr. Pare practiced nursing at Peter Bent Brigham as well as worked with numerous professionals in the area of Alzheimer’s, a subject on which she also wrote two books. Following her divorce from her first husband, she worked four jobs in order to pay for her two daughters to get through college. During this time she was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and underwent treatment. Dr.  Pare talks about the importance of family, especially her father, in her life as well as how he influenced her decision to go into nursing. She has remarried and her daughters are now both married and each has a child of her own.

Interview Date: 
November 13, 2015
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