Kathryn Calo

Partner, Bowditch and Dewey Attorneys

I would probably tell them to not be afraid to speak up whether it’s for yourself or someone else about an issue no matter what. And then also not to be afraid to take risks because I think a lot of—at least I feel like a lot of women are—we’re not risk takers. And I don’t know what it is, whether we are afraid to fail or we are afraid that we are not good enough. I’m not sure. But I don’t think you should be afraid to take a risk because even if you don’t succeed you’re learning something from it. And again, speaking up because I think that unless you can give yourself a voice, nobody else is going to give you one.


Kathryn Anne Calo was born in 1982. She’s the second of four children and is extremely close to her family. After graduating from Medfield High School in 2000 Kathryn went on to get her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Endicott College, graduating in 2004. Kathryn continued her education at New England School of Law in Boston. In the city of Worcester, Kathryn works as an attorney and partner for Bowditch and Dewey Attorneys and specializes in family and probate law and volunteers at The Bridge of Central Massachusetts and the Worcester County Bar Association  In this interview, Kathryn discusses how much her family and work mean to her. Kathryn truly loves her work because she loves being able to help others. Kathryn also touches upon how taking risks is a part of success. Kathryn’s piece of advice to women is that they should not be afraid to speak up for themselves and should proudly discuss their opinions without any fear.

Interview Date: 
October 26, 2015
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