Marjorie Cohen

Community Activist for Children with Special Needs

To me you're a life learner and that’s what I want for my daughter and anybody else.

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Marjorie Cohen was born in Worcester in 1949.  In this interview she discusses the tremendous amount of work she has done for families whose members have both mental and physical disabilities. Her daughter, Caroline, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, setting in motion her continuing mission to make the world a better place for handicapped individuals. Cohen has led several committees in order to get the community together to help families care for those with special needs; she has also petitioned schools to extend educational and co-­curricular programs to those who were denied those opportunities. She continues to work to make the world a place where everyone, no matter their ability, is given a fair chance at life and at education.  Cohen discussed the struggles of being the mother of a child with disabilities and seeking the proper treatment and care that people with handicaps and disabilities deserve. Making the families of the differently-abled comfortable is equally important. In recognition of that, Cohen organized group events so siblings and parents could see that they are not alone in the struggle to help their children. Through her actions, Cohen demonstrates true love and dedication by caring for her daughter and others.

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February 11, 2016
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