Nancy Greenberg

Cultural Arts Director, Worcester JCC

There are JCCs all over America. In fact, we are all connected.  When I go on my email, I have a list—there are lists of people doing similar jobs to yours. And I have colleagues that I know and some I don’t actually know them sometimes, but I know them from being just connected to them. I know what my colleague in Cleveland, Ohio might be doing, and I know what my colleague in San Francisco might be doing, and I know I have a colleague in fa- well there’s no JCC there but she’s part of a reform there like a temple. Now that there’s the whole virtual thing, we have done a lot of virtual programming together. When the [Covid] pandemic started, well first of all, I thought I might lose my job because we work with people, and you couldn’t work with people! But we just kind of - everything kind of morphed on to Zoom as you know. And because I have colleagues all over the country, I was doing programs with people in Atlanta, and Florida, and Cincinnati, and just people who wanted to do like similar kinds of programming. In particular, I do an author series, a Jewish author series, and Jewish meaning the author could be Jewish, the content could be Jewish or thematically it could be Jewish, it doesn’t – or it could have a non-Jewish author but it be something like about World War II and of interest to the Jewish community. So, I plan these book things and it’s a thing, JCCs all over the country do these book things.  Once we were on doing virtual stuff, we could all sort of partner together and get a bigger audience because anyone could get on the Zoom.


Nancy Greenberg is the Cultural Arts Director of the Worcester Jewish Community Center.  In this interview she discusses past life experiences working at multiple Jewish Community Centers [JCC], traveling experiences, her children, and more. She has been a major part in the JCC community working at several of them to finally remain in Worcester. She describes the way in which the JCC has not only shaped her but her children being of Jewish descent. She likes the way the JCC encourages the Jewish community to incorporate it more into their lives in which she did the same with her family.

Interview Date: 
March 10, 2023