Roberta Corn

Special Education Teacher; Counselor for Survivors of Domestic Abuse; WISE Member

I've always liked knowing people of different backgrounds and different cultures. I think that's a really important part of who we are as people, that we are much more connected and much more similar than we are different.


Roberta “Bobbi” Corn was born in 1945, in Belfast, Northern Ireland immigrating to the United States as an infant. Bobbi moved from state to state, she eventually settled in the Greater Worcester area over 20 years ago. Being of Jewish descent, she attended Hebrew school on Saturdays, while also attending Springfield High School during the week. After high school, she attended Penn State where she received a bachelor’s degree in English, and also met her husband. She constantly moved around the country due to the demand of her husband’s job, but still started a family and became a mother of three sons, one who had been adopted from Vietnam. Although never pursuing a career in English, she worked as a special education teacher and then as a counselor for survivors of domestic assault. She discusses how the frequent moves throughout her marriage may have prevented her from breaking the stereotypes of women during that time. Bobbi reflects on the importance of how embracing diverse cultures and listening to others’ stories is an important part of life.

Interview Date: 
October 7, 2019
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